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Why choose to manufacture our own granolas?

For any growing food company, the question will come up as to whether one should continue to manufacture its own products or opt for outsourcing instead. The business model is in itself very different between that of manufacturer and that of food marketer. But what is...

Refined sugars vs Carbohydrates. Are all sugars unhealthy?

To counter junk food, some doctors, nutritionists, the media and many others managed to create a real phobia, a fear not only based on sugars, but also on carbohydrates in general. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to confuse everything. Do not confuse...

Why produce organic granola?

Organic farming was not born yesterday, but despite growing demand, it is still a complex subject for many. At Fourmi Bionique, organic is at the heart of our priorities since day one, as is local sourcing, in the production of our granola, snacks and for our bulk...

Yes, it’s possible to be a dedicated mother of 3 young children while growing a granola company. Geneviève Gagnon explains how she does it in Mom Crush!


The Montreal Gazette offers you 20 gift ideas to treat your friends. And, of course, our NUTBROWN range are part of the list!


Finding investors is one thing, partnering with the right one is another. Here is some feedback on that obstacle course!

I think that investors all look for passion and a solid business plan as key ingredients. Above all, they are investing in an individual and they have to feel how committed the entrepreneur is to the venture.


A new article about running a business when you are also a mother. A subject that is particularly important to us and that we hope will inspire some women to do the same!