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Breakfast, snacks and meal splitting

Managing to control your weight without cutting out all the fun and completely depriving yourself… that is a goal that is sometimes difficult to achieve and that a large part of the population is concerned about. If diet is often the chosen solution, we’d like to offer another clever alternative: meal splitting.

Our nasty eating habits

Overall, our daily diet consists of three meals, plus a few snacks to satisfy passing cravings. In this arrangement, we often tend to eat more at these three meals so as not to feel hungry afterwards, a solution that is not always the best. On the opposite, not eating enough might involve taking revenge with unbalanced snacks once we are called by hunger.

In both cases, daily calorie intake and nutritional balance, meaning the intake of essential elements to maintain good health, are not always under control.

Moreover, when we eat a heavy meal, our body will tend to store the surplus if it’s not eliminated directly through intense physical activity. We are in the process of creating fat. That’s okay, because it will keep you going until the next meal, you may say. FALSE. If you eat your meals too far apart, every time your body seeks energy, it will look for it in fat, BUT mostly in muscle. However, you generally don’t want to lose muscles, especially since they consume the most calories at rest, which helps speed up your metabolism. Learn more here.

Splitting meals to control your diet

So you see where we’re going with this! And now it’s easy to see why fitness enthusiasts split their meals throughout the day. We also understand the value of breakfast, which is not an end in itself, but a meal like any other that is better split rather than skipped.

In short, the idea is to divide our daily caloric needs into 5 to 6 meals/snacks in a controlled and anticipated manner. This way, no more stuffy meals that make us feel bad, no more cravings and no more feeling deprived. And no more fasting either that makes us lose muscle.

You still need to eat healthy

With this method, there are still some limitations. You can’t just eat whatever/whenever you want. You must follow a certain discipline so that these 5 to 6 half-meals will not turn into force-feeding which would result in rapid weight gain. It is therefore good to maintain a healthy diet with regular physical activity. And in any case, trust your common sense and listen to your body!

At Fourmi Bionique, we have designed our line of cereals and snacks to offer you balanced alternatives in terms of nutritional intake, but also in terms of satiety. We explain the importance of the satiety effect in this article.

Our products therefore offer excellent options for meal splitting that will provide you with the energy and pleasure you need to feel fulfilled in your daily diet, while respecting the balance of your metabolism.

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