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Looking for a soulful breakfast or following a vegan, gluten-free or paleo diet? Fourmi Bionique offer you luxurious blends to feed your body & soul: Grand Granola, Müska, NUTBROWN, Foodie Mix and our bulk ingredients.

Grand Granola

Grand Granola, our a range of luxurious artisanal cereal blends, offers you a wide choice of recipes, each one more delicious than the other, made with locally sourced cereals and always healthy, 77% to 85% of certified organic and non-GMO ingredients.


NUTBROWN granolas offers you a grain-free, meaning cereal-free, alternative. Certified gluten-free and GMO-free, NUTBROWN is ideal for those who suffer from celiac disease, for those who have chosen a Paleo or gluten free diet and for all the Granolavores out there!

Foodie Mix

Find the same know-how in our authentic and delicious high-end Foodie Mix trail mixes. Practical and tasty, these healthy snacks will follow you everywhere. Foodie Mix are available in 3 gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and sulphite-free delicious assortments.


Low in sugar, the Müska cereal range offers luxurious blends of raw whole-grain cereal flakes, complemented by our signature ingredients, and delicately flavored with our delicious and aromatic Dukkah Brunch, which can be eaten as porridge or muesli.