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What does organic mean? Are your products organic or eco-friendly?

Organic and eco-friendly are synonymous. They usually refer to products made from ingredients grown without chemical treatments.

Actually, organic farming is more specifically a mode of production and processing that meets very strict criteria in terms of respect for the environment, animal welfare and respect for biodiversity.

To meet these criterias, organic products must not contain ingredients grown with synthetic chemicals or GMOs, synthetic colorants, flavors or flavor enhancers.

All our Grand Granola blends are certified organic by the Ecocert Canada in the 70 to 95% organic ingredients category. Organic ingredients in our products are marked with an asterisk in the ingredients list.

Are your products vegan?

Some of our products are actually vegan, and therefore without ingredients from the animal kingdom. In the Grand Granola range, we have the Essential. This granola is sweetened with maple syrup and organic cane sugar. Other flavors are sweetened with honey and then can not be considered as vegan.

In the NUTBROWN range, our grain free granola, four flavors are vegan: Aphrodisiac, Vitality, Tonic and Zen. To be certain of your choice, you can check the mentions on the ingredients lists on the back of the products or on their online pages.

NUTBROWN, grain free granolas what is this?

The NUTBROWN range is an offer of granola without grains, that is to say not containing cereals. They are replaced by seeds (sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds) and nuts (almonds, cashews). The interest is to offer different and tasty granolas whose composition may be suitable for the paleo type diet.

NUTBROWN granola is also certified gluten free and 4 of the 6 products are vegan! You can find all our granola blends without grains here.

What is the Paleolithic or Paleo diet?

The Paleolithic or “paleo” is a dietary (also considered slimming diet) based on the ancient dietary lifestyle of the Paleolithic era (Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens) when humans were hunter-gatherers.

In this diet, products from agriculture and the agri-food industry such as cereals, legumes, some vegetable oils and dairy products are banned, considered by paleo enthusiasts as harmful foods. Paleos will favor the consumption of lean meats (game, poultry, ruminants and other herb eaters), fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries.

Our NUTBROWN range of grain free granola is compatible with the Paleolithic diet because it does not contain any cereals.

Do you use local ingredients?

Fourmi Bionique granolas are made in Montreal. Our small factory is located in a century-old building, rich in history, near the Lachine Canal.

Our goal is to maximize the use of organic and local (from the Quebec, or Canada), fair trade and natural ingredients. That’s why the vast majority of the ingredients we use in our recipes are sourced locally: oats, barley, rye, spelled flour, honey, maple syrup, cranberries etc.

For some ingredients, we can not provide qualitatively in Quebec or simply, they can not be grown in Quebec, such as almonds.

Do your products contain glyphosate?

Our Grand Granola blends are certified organic. By regulation, none of our ingredients have been treated with glyphosate (whether organic or not).

What is also important to know is that glyphosate is a herbicide used mainly on GMO crops. Our NUTBROWN range of cereal-free granola and the ingredients in our Grand Granola range are all certified non-GMO. We do our best to limit the likelihood of glyphosate being present in our products.

How do you limit the level of sugar in your products?

Our Grand Granola range is sweetened with honey or maple syrup and organic cane sugar. They are generally less sweet than industrial granolas and they provide our products with a crispy and caramelized texture.

The NUTBROWN granola range have no refined sugars, since they are sweetened with coconut sugar. This sugar has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. The result is a caramelized and slightly less sweet taste than our Grand Granola range.

Do you use salt in your granolas?

We use salt in some of our products. It gives a nice balance in the flavors of our granolas. It is indeed a natural flavor enhancer that also, surprisingly, brings out the sweet taste.

There is some in the Zen blend in the Grand Granola range, since it is a sweet and salty flavor. There is also some in the NUTBROWN gluten free range where it softly enhances the taste of nuts.

There is some in the Zen blend in the Grand Granola range, since it is a sweet and salty flavor. There is also some in the NUTBROWN gluten free range where it softly enhances the taste of nuts.


Where can we find your products?

Our products are available in many outlets in Quebec, but also in the rest of Canada and in France! You can consult the points of sale nearest you that distribute the Fourmi Bionique granolas.

You can also buy them directly from this website.

You can also buy them directly from this website.

Each store or distributor is independent and decides which products and formats they wish to sell. However, do not hesitate to ask your local store manager for your favorite products. You can also find the entire range on our online sales site.


Are your bags recyclable?

We chose our packaging for their specific grain conservation characteristics. It is a multilayer plastic considered as recyclable code 7. It is accepted in the recycling bin. For more information, visit the website

What are the formats of your products?

– Nutbrown are available in 180g bags and in a 1kg bulk size only on our website.

– Grand Granola are available in 300g and 850g format, and in a 2kg bulk size only on our website.

– Foodie Mix in 50g and 200g bags as well as in 500g and 1kg format only on our website.

– The ingredients can be purchased per bag of 100g or 300g.

Online purchase

How can I get your products delivered?

If you live in Quebec, you can easily get your granola, snacks and ingredients you purchase on our site delivered to your home, depending on the mode you chose during the order! Free delivery is available for all purchases over $45 before taxes in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Shipping fees of $10 is applied for the following postal codes and the rest of Canada:
Quebec: G0G / G0W / G0X / G4T / J0M / J0Y
Ontario: P0H / P0L / P0M / P0T / P0V / P0W / P0X

Do you provide promo coupons?

We do not distribute coupons online, but we frequently offer promotional codes and contests on social medias. Follow us on Facebook to benefit this promotions!

Is there any benefits to ordering online?

By buying online you have several advantages:
– Access to our web exclusives and all our products;
– You deal directly with us;
– You receive your order at home (or at work) in just a few days;
– Free delivery over $45.

Did you know?

NUTBROWN is a range of grain-free, gluten-free granola, compatible with the Paleolithic and vegan diets (except for the Natural blend which contains honey).

Did you know?

You can buy ingredients separately on our Website to compose your own granolas or adapt our blends to your liking. Goji berries, roasted and salted coconut strips, premium organic fair trade chocolates… just more ways to enjoy your favorite products!


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