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Homemade Granola : Contest


Share your best homemade granola recipes!

At Fourmi Bionique we always say that we make the best granolas, after yours of course! So we challenge you to give us reason! We are organizing a great contest in which you will have the opportunity to showcase your best homemade granola recipes. Do not put any limits to your creativity to make the tastiest homemade granola, and entice us with beautiful staging in your photos. Sweet, salty, with gluten or gluten free, keto, paleo… inspire us with your homemade granolas!

Rules of the Homemade Granola Contest

If you wish to participate, communicate with us in April on Facebook messenger with the photos of your finished homemade granola with the recipe.

The coolest recipes will be showcased on our website and we will select 5 among them that we like the most. The creators of these recipes will automatically win a 25$ voucher applicable on the ingredients of their choice from our online store.

Then these 5 homemade granola recipes will be submitted to a vote by the community during the first two weeks of May and the winner will win an additional $75 voucher applicable to the purchase of products of their choice from our online store.

Seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and organic chocolates, the winners will be able to have fun and continue to create their own granolas while pushing the limits of their imagination with quality ingredients.

How are the 5 best recipes selected?

The 5 best homemade granola recipes will be chosen based on the average of the ratings we give them on originality, the taste  appeal and nutritional attributes and the presentation.

Summary of dates

– From 1st to 25th of April 2019 : send in your recipes
– From 25th au 30th of April : we select the 5 best
– From 1st to 15th of May: the community votes

Other details

– It is possible to submit several recipes
– It is possible to win several times
– The photos must belong to you
– The photo must be of sufficient quality

Let the game begin 🙂