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The mindset behind the creation of soulful granolas and snacks

Since the creation of Fourmi Bionique, we have always preached for pleasure above all! Today, we are in an era where the topics relating to food unleash passions and where consumers are more and more lost and anxious about everything that is recommended, and sometimes even imposed to them. We believe that it would be best to learn to trust ourselves again. Indeed, our body knows what it needs and communicates it to us willingly if we listen.

Luxurious blends to feed the body and soul

Let’s take a break from this tornado of doubts and savor the simple and natural pleasures. Indeed, since 2004, we have never ceased to highlight the quality and sourcing of our products. While we still emphasize its importance, we believe now more than ever that it is necessary for consumers to rediscover wellbeing through the pleasure of eating in harmony with oneself. In this spirit, the purpose of Fourmi Bionique has always been to create soulful products. This is expressed at the core level of many aspects associated with our products : from the sourcing and selection of ingredients, the balanced nutritional composition, and the pursuit of pleasure in every bite. To mark the renewal of the simple wellbeing of eating in harmony with ourselves, we invite you to enter our new universe, in our escape bubble where all dreams are allowed, and where you can relax, have fun and find enjoyment, by simply trusting your own judgment and common sense!

To convey this philosophy, we acquired an Airstream, a symbol of escape in the wilderness in true comfort, but in harmony with nature, in short which is representative of our luxurious blends. After all, choosing the best in everything is our signature! With our Airstream, we will come to you at various outdoor events to share this passion for quality and this liberating energy of adventure, simple pleasures and the importance of letting go from time to time. So, if you are aware of an event in which you would like us to participate, don’t hesitate to write to us: [email protected]!

See you soon!

Genviève Gagnon, President and Founder of La Fourmi Bionique

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